I am an agent for Exerhoop Hula Hoops, made in Tauranga, New Zealand.  I sell

  • Weighted hula hoops.  These are approximately  93cm (36″) dia and 450gm weight.  Fantastic for beginner hoopers.  They come taped in white, blue, yellow, green or red vinyl tape that is attractive and hard wearing.  $30 each (excluding p&p).
  • Dance hoops.  These are lighter than exercise hoops at 300grams, and smaller too – approximately 86cm (33″) in diameter.  They are ideal for the individual who wants more variety and more challenge in their hooping routine, or intermediate and experienced hoopers.  These hoops are designed for faster paced workout, dance, tricks and off body moves that require the hoop to be lighter and rotate at a quicker rate.  Taped with gorgeous reflective tape in a range of exciting colours! $25 each (excluding p&p).

If you are local, I can deliver free of charge, or you can pick up from me here in Greytown.

Contact me today to discuss your hoop needs!

2 thoughts on “Shop

    1. Hi Denise, yes I will be! Looking forward to it! I’ll be ordering stock before that though, if you would like to hoop before March. Are you interested? Colours available are red, white, blue, yellow or green. $35. Let me know. Also, class times and details will be appearing on the site soon! Thanks for getting in touch, best wishes! Lucy


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