My Story

Totally hooped!
Totally hooped!

In November 2014, I was minding my own business when BOOM!  Hooping came into my life!  

It really was that sudden!  

I was dropping my younger daughter off at daycare one morning and we had a couple of minutes before I had to get the older one to school and me off to work. So we picked up the battered old plastic hoops they had a Ladybirds, and man, did we have fun trying to keep those up!  I said to the kids I’d grab some hoops from the Warehouse. Well, I did, but we all felt a bit crushed (not to say bruised!) that we couldn’t keep them up!  

But, I was intrigued enough to consult Dr Google and that’s where I encountered the fabulous Deanne Love and her video on how to choose the right hoop for you and that was it, I was hooked! I did more googling and found Exerhoops in Tauranga, which happened to be just where my husband was staying on a surf ‘retreat’ (essentially, 2 nights away from the kids!!). I phoned him, and made him drive out to Sue’s place and buy me a hoop for Christmas.

The stars were in perfect alignment!

As I say, that was November 2014 and I haven’t looked back.  I am now a qualified Hoop Love Coach and run my own hoop classes and workshops in the Wairarapa and beyond!  Plus I am agent for the glorious Exerhoop hoops!  

Discovering the sheer joy of hooping has coincided with, and been directly related to, the most forward looking period of my life EVER. Hooping is my energizer and my salvation from black moods or lack of va-va-voom. It is a source of wonderment (as well as frustration, but the most positive kind!). It is a source of immense joy. Hooping is a place I can go with my kids and have FUN! It has taught me things about myself, my body, and my abilities I had no clue about! It has shown me that if I really, really work at something I want, I can nail it, I can do it, and I might even be quite good at it!

And I am passionate about hooping and sharing hooping because of all this! If I can get one person to feel just a tiny jot of of the joy I feel when I pick up my plastic circle, I will be an immensely happy, content and purpose filled woman!

And, feedback from some of the hoopers I’ve met through my classes suggests that maybe a little of that happens!