New to hoop class?

October 2015 Hoop Class PosterOnly ONE MORE SLEEP till Hoopville!  Yes, that’s right, the latest Coops Hoop Classes kick off Thursday, 8th October 2015 at 8pm, Kuranui College Dance Studio in Greytown!  I am getting super excited, and looking forward to making new hoop buddies!  If you are new to hooping and coming to this class, you maybe wondering what to expect, what to wear, what to do on 8th October.  So, here’s a few odds and sods of info to make sure you get into a spin as soon as possible!

What to bring?

  1. Yourself!  You do not need your own hoop.  I have plenty to go around, and some to sell too ($30 for an Exerhoop, which is the most gorgeous exercise hoop in NZ!)
  2. $7 for one session of $60 for the 10 week term.
  3. Your most tinkling or raucous laugh!  We are going to drop the hoop, maybe again and again and again, and the hoop is bound to develop a life of its own at some point in class and want to go off in all sorts of unintended directions.  Don’t despair, don’t be despondent, it’s all part of the learning curve (or circle!).  Laugh it off, burn some extra energy bending down and grabbing that hoop, and come back up to standing rocking your best hoop goddess stance!
  4. Some water.  You is gonna get thirsty!

What to wear?

  1. Hoops love bare skin!  Now, spring has only just sprung, so I totally get that you might not want to wear your undies and a sports bra to the first class!  But definitely wear something you will be comfortable in, and don’t mind getting sweaty in!  Natural fibres are best, and try and avoid shiny tops, especially as we are going to be focusing on getting that hoop spinning round our middles in the first class.  Good rule of thumb is ‘stuff you’d wear to yoga’!
  2. A tiara.  OK.  I’m joking about the tiara.

What to do?

  1. When you get to class we’ll get to know each other’s names and maybe find out what brought you to class and what you would like to get out of the next 10 weeks.
  2. I’ll brief you very quickly on how to hoop safely and happily.
  3. We’ll then go in for a gentle warm up before heading off into waist hooping territory.
  4. We will also cover some fundamental moves and tricks before exploring some hoop flow!
  5. There will be plenty of playtime, a chance to discuss with me how you are feeling, or if you need some extra guidance or a few more tips to nail something we are covering.
  6. Each week we will build up our skills, build up our repertoire and explore our own unique style and flow.  You will get stronger, fitter, more coordinated and more confident of your inner and outer hoopiness!

I can’t WAIT to see you!  If you have any questions or concerns, or anything you think I should add to this list, then email me at or message me via Facebook or this blog!

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