Sun’s Out? Let’s Hoop! My 3 Top Tips to Keep you in the Hoop!

The Sun…. the ultimate hoopspiration!

There is nothing like a bit of sunshine to make you want to grab that hoop and dance!  Here are my top 3 tips to take advantage of hoop weather*

(* that’s anything from the briefest break in the clouds, to wall-to-wall sunshine!)

  1. Don’t hide your hoop under a bushel!  Or under the bed, in the garage, behind the sofa, in a wardrobe etc!  Be proud of your hoopiness and keep your hoop(s) in full view at all times.  Bang in a big hefty nail in each of the rooms of your house and hang your hoops there.  So, next time you’ve got 30 seconds, 5 mins, or half a day to hoop you can get to it!
  1. Keep a hoop in your car and/or workplace.  Keeping your hoops close to you means that you can take advantage of the urge to hoop wherever you are.  Hooping is also a fantastic way to relieve stress and get some fresher focus, so a keep a hoop at work.
  1. Stay off the phone! Well, off the internet!  The internet is an amazing source of hoopspiration.  I wouldn’t have discovered the joy of hooping if it hadn’t have been for Deanne Love of Hooplovers, for example, who has an incredible internet presence.  But even Deanne counsels against getting sucked into the vortex of watching endless videos and tutorials on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!  Get a quick dose of your favourite hooper, then grab your hoop and hoop-along; or find a tutorial that encourages you to join right in, right now; or just turn off the computer, turn up the music and rock out in your own style!

What are your top tips for getting the most out of your hoop moments?  I’d love to hear from you!  Stay connected with me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (but in moderation!!  See #3 above!) or post here on this blog!

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